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About The Firm

Through my firm, I offer the expertise and experience of a lawyer who has spent his entire career working in corporate and commercial law.  


Put simply, the ethos of this firm is 'what you see is what you get': in other words, the experience, focus and knowledge of a senior lawyer dedicated to your legal work.  There is no delegation to a junior lawyer or other legal staff behind the scenes.  As a result, I offer good quality work at a highly-competitive price.  This allows me to take pride in being able to provide a personal service and value for money for all the firm's clients. 


This is not a full-service law firm and I make no pretence that it is.  By focussing on one key practice area, and doing it well, I bring a distinct focus to the work that I do, and avoid the higher costs and the distractions that come with a firm that does not specialise in one area of law. 

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